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James Franco Has 19 Films That Are Set To Be Released in 2017

9 of these he is directing.

What an odd career this guy seems to be having. Wasn't he supposed to become the next heartthrob star in Hollywood? I don't think he wanted that after all. He must just be having too much fun. He doesn't really care if anyone sees his films, he just loves creating art, no matter how bad it might be. No wonder one of these 19 films coming out is "The Masterpiece," which is a sort of homage/making-of recreation of Tommy Wiseau's infamously bad "The Room," in which Mr. Franco will be playing Wiseau himself. It must be his love letter to bad movies, the same way "Ed Wood" was Tim Burton's. Godspeed Mr. Franco, we salute you.

Courtesy of IMDB

Actor (133 credits)
 2018Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad (filming)
Lemmy (voice)
 2017Blood Surf (post-production)
Metalhead Troy
 2017Pretenders (filming)
 2017The Long Home (post-production)
Dallas Hardin
 2017Actors Anonymous (post-production)
Jake Lamont
 2017/IIKin (filming
 2017The Deuce (TV Series) (post-production)
Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
Episode #1.8 (2017) ... Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
Episode #1.7 (2017) ... Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
Why Me? (2017) ... Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
What Kind of Bad? (2017) ... Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
Episode #1.4 (2017) ... Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
 2017The Institute (post-production)
Dr. Cairn
 2017The Vault (post-production)
Ed Maas
 2017Zeroville (completed)
 Killing Animals (completed)
Mr. Hurston
 2017The Labyrinth
Narrator (voice)

Kirk Douglas's bittersweet insight on aging. “I am now a hundred years old. I read about Hollywood, and I don’t know the people. Where is Burt [Lancaster]? Where is Laurence Olivier? They’re all gone. I miss them. I feel lonely.”

Tim Miller responds to "DEADPOOL fans that wanted answers

“I just want to say one thing to the geek audience out there, because it’s important to me what the geeks and nerds of the world think because they are my brothers and sisters. I didn’t want to make some stylized movie that was 3 times the budget. If you read the internet — who cares, really? But for those of you who do, I wanted to make the same kind of movie that we made before because I think that’s the right movie to make for the character. So don’t believe what you read on the internet.”“I wish them nothing but good — I hope it’s great. I hope it’s a great movie. Because I love the character and I think it’s great, and I love all the actors and I want to see them successful again. I haven’t met David, but he’s a great guy from everything I’ve heard. I want nothing but the best for the character. And for Fox, too. They deserve to make more money. They need to make more money [laughs]. They were great. They were terrific.”

Thoughts on Scorsese's SILENCE since the Embargo has finally lifted

It's a damn-near masterpiece; Imperfect, but, I do feel that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At the very least, it's 100 times better than "Kundun," which was a spiritual bore. This is going to be a major WTF for the "Wolf of Wall Street"/"Goodfellas" crowd, but screw them. Scorsese doesn't care about awards when it comes to this film and we should all be grateful about that. All the concerns I had about Andrew Garfield's casting are thrown out the window the moment he shows up in the film's first scene. It's a powerful performance, ditto Adam Driver. They play two jesuit priests in the 17th century that decide to go to Japan to locate and "save" their mentor, played by Liam Neeson, who iss rumored to have apostatized.  For the dozen or so minutes Neeson is on-screen he's mesmerizing. Rodrigo Prieto's cinematography is also a standout.

"Silence" has more greatness in its 159 minute running time than any other movie I have seen this year.  I do love the questions being asked: Why does God remain silent while evil acts happen all around us? It is in no way a pro-religion film, but it does feel like Scorsese's most personal statement. Think of Scorsese as Garfield's Rodrigues, questioning himself about being brought up Christian, but seeing the light in Buddhism. I Can't believe Scorsese showed this to the Pope. The film doesn't necessarily take sides, you can be an atheist, like myself, and absolutely revel in this film's themes and sumptuous frames concocted by Socrsese and Prieto.

I find that the last 25-30 minutes are what elevate the film to greatness. It ends up being more than just about torture, agony, suffering and rises to a surreal sense of beautiful sadness, a kind of nirvana that is deceitful.  Either you hop along to Scorsese's "Silence" or you don't, either you are fascinated by its themes or you're not. I know I was.

More thoughts to come ....

Source: Metacritic

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan are making a Russian/Chinese produced movie together: Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask

This picture looks absolutely ridiculous, but isn't that what is expected when it comes to a Chinese/Russian produced film starring these two action heavyweights?

My buddy tells me they are going to have edit that skull out if they want it to be released in China. Supposedly in China they have rules on not showing skulls or any kind of body horror if they can be related to superstition.

Oleg Stepchenko, a Russian journeyman whose credits include the horrendously "Jacked$," is the director of this film.The film is set for release in the winter of 2017 in Russia. No current U.S. release date is confirmed, but you can rest assured, given the stars at the helm and the $48M budget, that we will likely be able to see this film. That is if you want to actually see it.

IMDB has the synopsis going like this:

The English traveler Jonathan Green receives from Peter the Great an order to map the Russian Far East. Once again he sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will eventually lead him to China. The cartographer will unexpectedly face a lot of breathtaking discoveries, encounter bizarre creatures, meet with Chinese princesses, and confront deadly martial arts masters and even the king of all dragons - the Dragon King. What could be more dangerous than meeting eye to eye with Viy, except doing it again? What would be stronger this time - a staunch skepticism of the scientist or the old black magic that has seized power of Eastern lands?

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Monster Trucks, the movie that should have been direct to DVD got it's poster... and it looks like they put as much time on the poster as they put as much time in on the movie.

This ain't a joke folks, it ain't a joke ....18 months of re-shoots and post-production, $125M budget; Suffice to say, this will be the first major box-office bomb of 2017

ROGUE ONE Projected for $280-$350 Million Global Opening

Image result for rogue one money

Did we ever doubt the power of the Star Wars name? Deadline is reporting that "Rogue One" can expect to make as much as $350M globally on opening weekend and $140M-$150M domestically. I predict the numbers will be higher, projections for these sort of bona-fide blockbusters are always under-projected just in case there's under-performing, but you can bet "Rogue One" will be making more than $150M opening weekend. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it outperforms "The Force Awakens." The brand is just getting started, the juggernaut that's Disney is behind hit and the numbers will grow with every movie released.

"Yeah, yeah, we already know Rogue One‘s opening isn’t going to be as high as Force Awakens a year ago, which pulled in an all-time global debut of $528.97M. Episode VII was propped by pent-up demand, and the latest film is a spinoff. Still, Rogue One with a frosh dramatis personae will kick off pretty damn high with a worldwide start over five days between $280M-$350M. Only 19 movies have opened to north of $300M worldwide to date. This year, Batman V Superman ($422.5M) and Captain America: Civil War ($379.5) were two of them.

"In the U.S./Canada, industry projections currently lie between $140M-$150M in 4,100-plus sites, with a heavier interest among men than women. Still the notion among distribution chiefs is that the latter sex will come along for the want-to-see in the days following the pic’s release. By comparison, Force Awakens opened in 4,134 locations. 400 Imax theaters will have the Gareth Edwards-directed Rogue One for four weeks around the globe."

Source: Deadline

New picture of Baby Groot in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

TIFF sensation LADY MACBETH finally has a trailer

From my review dated 9.19.16:

"If Pugh is a revelation, so is Oldroyd. This is an auspicious and striking debut film that spells the start of a genuinely talented filmmaker as he handles his camera in breathtakingly spacey and formidable fashion. He creates an indelible character in Lady Katherine, a woman that is not easily understood, but dares to break the conventions of the times by doing unspeakable things. Oldroyd captures our gaze with every frame and doesn’t balk at the story’s more shocking sections. He means to shake us and does.”

“Lady Macbeth” opens on June 2, 2017.

John Williams may be best associated for his work with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter, but his score for 'Home Alone' will always be one of my favorites.

Kirk Douglas Celebrates his 100th Birthday today

Kirk Douglas in an undated 1950s publicity shot
Kirk Douglas with trumpeter Harry James in 1950
Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas in Spartacus
Kirk Douglas with Burt Lancaster in 1985
Kirk Douglas with son Michael in 1965
Kirk Douglas with Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2001
Kirk Douglas, American actor, producer, director, author , and philanthropist has reached his centennial milestone. With a staggering 91 acting credits spanning more than six decades, including three Academy Award nominations and honorary Lifetime Achievement Award Oscar in 1996, Douglas' influence on American Cinema is indisputable.
Married for 63 years to Anne Buydens, he is also the father of four sons, including, if ya didn't know for some reason, actor Michael Douglas. Douglas was also an influential voice in ending the Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950's through his support of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. In addition, he is considered one of the worlds oldest active bloggers and continues to write for the Huffington Post.
In a year when we have lost so many notable people please take a moment to celebrate the extraordinary life of this screen legend by sharing your favorite memories of his work.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" teaser poster

A little easter egg from the trailer. Bruce Banner on the wall in Peter Parker's science class.

The more I see stuff correlating to this new Spidey movie the more I'm starting to think they are taking a very meta "Deadpool"-esque route with this new film. That's all good, I'd rather a a self-referential Spider-Man film than the more serious style of the Andrew Garfield films. Believe it or not, "Deadpool" and, to a certain extent, "Guardians of the Galaxy" have opened up a whole can of worms for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's now a fanbase that rejects the MCU that would shell out cash to watch these more meta-filled movies. I like it. Oh, and the official trailer finally happened this morning, I know I know, a little late with the news, but it does confirm my belief that this will be a very different film than the other MCUs. Funny how Michael Keaton was basically lambasting the superhero genre in "Birdman" and now he's back in thick of things. Money talks.

Behind The Scenes Featurette for Scorsese's SILENCE

I loved this film. Currently under embargo, but I loved this film. Reviews are allowed on December 10th so you can expect something by then, for the time being we have this behind-the-scenes featurette with Scorsese and company hard at work tmaking this wonderful work of art. At a time when most Hollywood directors have had their visions compromised by the greedy few who power over them, Scorsese seems to be the last of a dying breed. Everything on the screen comes from his own visionary mind, there is nothing left off in this film. This is Scorsese giving us his most passionate and personal film to date. This kind of passionate filmmaking just doesn't exist anymore within the studio system.

It's possible that there's something cooler than Robert Redford in 'Three Days of the Condor.' But I doubt it.

Image result for three days in condor
Image result for three days in condor
Image result for three days in condor

ROGUE ONE Director Gareth Edwards Gives His Side of the Reshoot Controversy

"Rogue One" Director Gareth Edwards tries to save face about the reshoots. Say what you will about Disney, but they sure know how to expertly conduct damage control. Edwards to spoke to the L.A. Times about the Star Wars experience, but these are the juicy tidbits we gathered concerning he rumored reshoots:
"What happened was that I’d say a third of the movie or more has this embedded documentary style to it, and as a result we shot hours and hours and days and days of material. Normally when you put a film together it goes together like A-B-C-D-E and you move on. Whereas we had so many permutations, so many different ways it could be constructed, it took longer in the edit to find the exact version."
"We’d always planned to do a pickup shoot but we needed a lot of time to figure out all this material and get the best out of it. So that pushed the entire schedule in a big way. Then Disney saw the film and reacted really well and they said, “Whatever you need, we’re going to support you.” Our visual-effects shot count went from 600 to nearly 1,700, so suddenly we could do absolutely anything we wanted. To design 1,000 visual effects shots should take a year, so it was all hands to the pump and we never came up for air really until about a week ago."

"Things kept improving constantly and the film was getting better and better — and if you’re improving it, you don’t stop. I think any other movie you would say, “That’ll do. We’re going to get a hit.” But “Star Wars” is going to live forever if you do it properly. We just can’t let it go. You’ve got keep going until they prise it out of your hands."
"Making “Star Wars” is a team sport, really. You can’t make these massive movies completely on your own. Even from the costumes to the guns to the ships to the VFX, it’s a real team effort."

What's even more worrisome is the fact that it was reported earlier last week that writer Tony Gilroy made $5 Million dollars off the reshoots. He was the rumored guy that replaced Edwards as director, although never officially. This goes exactly the way my insider source described to me the on-set friction and how Edwards was pushed aside. Gilroy basically became the main director when the reshoots started. I got a lot of heat from fanboys for posting the article, but, fact of the matter is, I believe what he said and he was credible. 

Official Poster and Trailer for WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES

This looks good, especially with addition of Woody Harrelson. I'm still wondering, where's James Franco's scientist? Didn't he start this whole mess? He should be jailed.

I recently re-watched the original 1968 film and the social issues raised in that film are just not present in these latter-day films. Different times, I guess. I do have to say that the first film of this reboot series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, was far better than its sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Rise had less strenuous action and more character-based plotting, but alas when you're trying to build a massive blockbuster franchise you probably need to add more and more action to please the mainstream. 

Here's the Official synopsis for this upcoming sequel:

In War for the Planet of the Apes, the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel.  After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.  As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.
“War For The Planet Of The Apes” opens on July 14, 2017.

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A diagram of all the injuries Jackie Chan has suffered while filming his martial arts and stunt scenes.

Mel Gibson on Nate Parker controversy: "He was cleared of all that stuff. Unfair."

Mel Gibson

A moment I noticed from the annual Hollywood Reporter director's roundtable. (click HEREMel Gibson on the Nate Parker controversy:

“He was cleared of all that stuff,” says Gibson. “And it was years ago. You have to follow the system there. I think he’s innocent of all that stuff. The fact that he has to live with that stigma, and that it affects the art he does, is unfair."

I guess he sympathizes. He was, possibly still is, in the same position as Parker. There's always going to be that debate between separating the art from the artist. Is Gibson right? Technically, yes. Parker was cleared, but not without taunting the victim endlessly on a daily basis after the rape. Yes, that was the past and people change, but goddamit, I've read details of the case and if Parker got cleared of the rape, he still didn't help his case with the way he handled everything else following it. That's fact.

Also, the film just wasn't that good. The buzz at Sundance, where I saw it, was too over-the-top, with the crowd giving Parker a standing ovation even before the film had even screened. #Oscarssowhite was just starting and people wanted a film to ride towards the next Oscars. 

On 10.4.16 I wrote a mixed review of the film:

"Was the buzz and acclaim that the film received in January merited/justified? Of course not. Parker makes mistakes in his filmmaking and those mistake do end up costing him. Portraying Turner as Jesus-like figure doesn't help, nor does the fact that he fumblingly sets up his story in a lame almost skittish way. Also, the actual rebellion, the most interesting and exciting part of the film, only happens near the end. Bad decision. Parker isn't yet fit to carry such a heavy subject matter as a director, his amateurish mistakes are absurd and almost too naive to comprehend, but, of course, his mind and passion are in the right place and his movie relevant as ever, which is why so many were suckered into praising this film to the Gods just a couple of months ago."

"Parker means to make an "epic," but there is no "epic" feel to his film. It feels flat and devoid of any artfulness. It doesn't feel cinematic. One might wonder the potential of such a relevant and important story in the hands of an Ava DuVernay or Spike Lee. That would have made for a more fully fleshed out and reflective film than what Parker gives us."

"A film like this one is very important to bring to the forefront of the mainstream. Nat Turner's story is one of historical significance that has been shunned away and put aside for way too many years. At the end of the day it won't necessarily be the execution that matters with "The Birth of a Nation," but the fundamental significance behind it. It does not deserve rave reviews and awards, but what it does deserve is you attention."

AFI's 10 Best Movies of the Year Includes ARRIVAL, MOONLIGHT, SILENCE, ZOOTOPIA and more

Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Water
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea

The Americans
Better Call Saul
The Crown
Game of Thrones
The Night of
The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
Stranger Things
This Is Us
O.J. Made in America
I called it folks. "Jackie" is too enigmatic a film for awards. Yesterday I wrote and explained why I took it out of my Best Picture contenders: "Jackie" is now on the outside looking in, the reception it has garnered thus far has been positive, but with many people puzzled by its enigmatic narrative structure." Good god does it fell great to be right. But, really, I doubt it'll go further than a much deserve nomination for Natalie Portman as Best Actress. Of course, I loved the movie and said the following in my review dated 11.28.16: "Portman’s performance is a high-wire act of intrigue. She never fully reveals the exact reasons for some of Jackie’s behavior and though we can never truly know if there was manipulation involved with her grief, this is hinted at. In a way Larrain and Portman are playing with the audience with an immaculate mix of enigma, grief and cynicism. It’s an artfully crafted thing, this “Jackie."

All hail Jessica Chastain in the riveting MISS SLOANE

Image result for miss sloane

I really liked Miss Sloane when I saw it more than a month ago, but mostly because of Jessica Chastain who elevates the second-hand material to the level art. Her performance is a crazed high-wire act that threatens to spin out of control, but it doesn't. In fact, Chastain maintains her balancing act throughout with the kind of artistry that is missing these days in acting. She takes risks playing the titular Elizabeth Sloane, a political strategist recruited by a law firm to tackle the issue of gun control in America. Chastain plays Sloane like a ruthless go-getter who will do whatever it takes to win. She wants to spearhead a campaign supporting a proposed legislation that would require stricter background checks for gun ownership in the United States. Not only does she have to fight an NRA-inspired group of right-wing second amendment capitalists, but she has to contend with her old law firm, which she left to join the enemy, due to their support of the pro-militia group.  

Chastain could be up for another Oscar nomination and, to tell you the truth, I can't think of that many worthy actresses this year to contend with this performance. Her Miss Sloane is a ruthless, hermit, insomniac druggie, but she's also a brilliant political strategist that plays her cards left and right until they fall to her liking. Nimble in movements but nearly paralyzing in line delivery, Chastain is unparalleled in her sheer excellence and commitment to the craft. As San Francisco Gate film critic Mick Lasalle so beautifully stated, she "Grabs the role by the throat, smashes it against the wall about ten times and then devours it while it’s still quivering. You want to see star acting on a grand scale? Miss Sloane is the movie to see."

William Friedkin: "I’ve seen the future of American Cinema and his name is Damien Chazelle."

Goodfellas - 4K Restoration Trailer

It would be nice if the 4k restoration trailer was actually 4k. Hey, even 1080p would have been nice. Nevertheless, it has been no secret that we badly needed this restoration with the upcoming  4K disc of Martin Scorsese‘s Goodfellas. Will it do the film justice? This 4k still has its harsh critics, especially Jeffrey Wells over at Hollywood Elsewhere who suggests the brownish tint is so bad we should start calling it "Brownfellas." Yikes. I am hopeful, I don't see the brownish tint, but I get what he's saying. Maybe it's because I grew up with Goodfellas only having a brownish tint or as Wells describes it as if it "was marinated in gravy, lentil soup and butterscotch sauce and then left to bake in the afternoon sun." Although I have seen the film ample times, this trailer makes me want to see it again, such is the effect that Scorsese's masterpiece has 26 years on.

Richard E. Grant in 'Logan'

First "Spider-Man: Homecoming" still

Amazing Chinese posters for "Fantastic beasts and Where to Find Them"

The Lego Batman Movie has an "awesome" new poster

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LA LA LAND still the Best Picture frontrunner

I saw this film in September, it was the frontrunner then it still is the frontrunner today, especially with "Silence" now having screened and not being everyone's cup of tea, we clearly have a favorite and there really isn't really a clearcut opposition willing to contend. Manchester by the Sea? Too depressing for the academy. Fences? It never truly escape its stage play roots. Nothing. This is the easiest Best Picture race to predict since The Return of the King in 2003.

Winning the People’s Choice Award at TIFF, and coming out this Friday, Damien Chazelle’s film was a no-brainer. Everyone felt sure it was going to win even before the festival started. Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, Chazelle’s film has moments of pure joy that make you feel punch-drunk in love at the movies again. The morning press screening burst into extended applause after the film’s final shot and that sealed the deal for the film’s eventual fate as a major Best Picture contender. Stone, a beauty of an actress, also turned heads for her performance as Mia, a struggling actress hoping to find her big break. Mia falls for Sebastian, a playful and charismatic Ryan Gosling, as they embark on a colorful and touching adventure filled with some of the best original songs ever conceived for the big screen. It’s quite possibly the best movie musical since Bob Fosse’s “All That Jazz.


1) "La La Land"
2) "Fences"
3) "Manchester By The Sea"
4) "Sully"
5) "Moonlight"
6) "Lion"
7)  "Hacksaw Ridge" 
8) "Hidden Figures"
9) "Arrival"
10) "Hell or High Water"

Johnny Depp tops Forbes' MOST OVERPAID ACTORS list

Sources: Variety/Forbes

Daniel Day-Lewis' insane method acting

Thank You YgSuG!

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) "Learned the beautiful Czech language for the role of Tomas and refused to break character for nearly the entire 8-month shoot."

FIFTY SHADES DARKER trailer will make you want to slit your wrists

From James Foley, the director of "Glengary Glen Ross," what has this world come to???!! Must have been a very fat paycheck for him to enter into this world.

As far as Dakota Johnson goes, she's a talented young actress and I'm sure, just like Kristen Stewart, she will get through this and find her own way in choosing more personal projects post-Fifty Shades, but, man, watching her in these movies is killing me.

Here’s the official synopsis:
"When a wounded Christian Grey tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together."
If you are actually excited about this movie after reading the above synopsis then you are clearly on the wrong movie site. Nevertheless, welcome and goodbye.
Co-starring Marcia Gay Harden, Jennifer Ehle, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, Victor Rasuk, Eloise Mumford, Max Martini, Kim Basinger, Hugh Dancy, Bella Heathcote and Eric Johnson, “Fifty Shades Darker” opens on February 10, 2017.

Denis Villeneuve: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Does NOT Answer If Deckard Is A Replicant Or Not

Image result for blade runner

As I mentioned a year back, thanks to a friend that was working on the "Blade Runner 2049" set, director Denis Villeneuve will not give us a definitive answer as to whether or not Deckard is a Replicant. I'm all fine with that, leave the mystery lingering around for us to decipher. It would be all too easy to give answers, part of the Blade Runner mythos is about the ambiguous nature of self-identity. 

Thanks to my colleagues at The Playlist for this:

"In an interview with Allocine (in French, and I’m paraphrasing the following), the filmmaker says it was very important to him not to break the tension of the mystery that lingers around Scott’s original movie, or solve all its riddles. You might think that because Nexus 6 replicants only have a four-year lifespan, that the return of Ford in “Blade Runner 2049” as Deckard answers the question regarding his humanity, but Villeneuve says “not necessarily.” So, get ready for those internet debates to start raging once again. Here’s my #hottake: maybe Deckard was actually/secretly the next generation of Nexus replicants, or was damaged goods. Discuss."

Idris Elba voiced an animated mammal in the second, third, and fourth highest grossing movies of the year.

Related image

Well, he does have a fantastic voice.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Michael Bay On Why He Would Never Direct A Marvel Or DC Superhero Movie

“I wouldn’t want to, it’s not my thing, it’s just not my gig,” Bay recently told Collider  “I don’t ever wanna take someone like a third of something or second of something. I gotta do my own thing, ’cause the most fun is when a real director creates the world. You know, you talk to Ridley Scott, one our favorite things to do is to create the world. Steven Spielberg, create the world. That is what it’s about.”

Michael Bay, maverick filmmaker? Huh? He has directed a fifth Transformers movie, "Transformers: The Last Knight," coming out next year. Those are just as bad, if not worse, as any superhero movie from Marvel and DC. Doing your own thing? Yeah, it sure looks like you're doing it Mike. 

J.J. Abrams GOD PARTICLE comes out in two months, yet we still have next to no information about it

This J.J. Abrams "produced" movie, which is supposedly done shooting and coming out on Feb 24, 2017,  has no stills, no trailer, nothing to its name except an IMDB page. They seem to be going the exact same route as another Abrams produced project "10 Cloverfield Lane." That turned out to be one of the great surprises of the movie year. Also, what's the deal with the poster? What we do know is the synopsis of the film which, according to IMDB, has a team of astronauts making a "shocking discovery" aboard a space station. They end up fighting for their survival while their reality gets "altered." Also has a pretty good cast (Daniel Brühl, Elizabeth Debicki, Chris O'Dowd, David Oyelowo). This seems to be another marketing strategy ala "Cloverfield," since Abrams is known to keep his projects secret like this.

Fifteen Films Advance in 2016 Best Documentary Feature Race

Image result for weiner documentary funny

“Cameraperson,” Big Mouth Productions
“Command and Control,” American Experience Films/PBS
“The Eagle Huntress,” Stacey Reiss Productions, Kissiki Films and 19340 Productions
“Fire at Sea,” Stemal Entertainment
“Gleason,” Dear Rivers Productions, Exhibit A and IMG Films
“Hooligan Sparrow,” Little Horse Crossing the River
“I Am Not Your Negro,” Velvet Film
“The Ivory Game,” Terra Mater Film Studios and Vulcan Productions
“Life, Animated,” Motto Pictures and A&E IndieFilms
“O.J.: Made in America,” Laylow Films and ESPN Films
“13th,” Forward Movement
“Tower,” Go-Valley
“Weiner,” Edgeline Films
“The Witness,” The Witnesses Film
“Zero Days,” Jigsaw Productions

Seems like there are no major snubs? This has been a great for documentaries, I cannot say this enough, but the more studio system films continue to downfall in terms of quality, the more documentaries will take over. This is a good example. Do not miss these particular standouts: O.J.: Made in America,”Weiner,” Gleason,” I Am Not Your Negro,”13th” and Tower,”

Source: The Wrap

Best TV Shows of 2016?

This was the originally intended "costume" for the Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD

Source: AV Club

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