Saturday, April 2, 2016

Main Cast of Sicario coming back for Sicario 2

Producers Say Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro And Josh Brolin Will Return For 'Sicario 2'

This news is Interesting to say the least. Last year I interviewed Villeneuve and he stated that he was in fact very interested in doing a sequel to Sicario. I just didn't know the ENTIRE cast would come back. I had heard only Del Toro. I'm still skeptical this is actually going to happen as Villenueve has Blade Runner 2 and Story Of your Life coming up in the next few years, so Sicario 2 would probably have a 2018-19 release.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Suicide Squad re-shooting to make film more "fun"?

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Rumor: Warner Bros Spending Millions On 'Suicide Squad' Reshoots To Make The Film More Fun

Photo of Kevin JagernauthBy Kevin Jagernauth | The PlaylistMarch 31, 2016 at 2:06PM

It's the fall of the empire. History has consistently proven time and time again that every trend eventually dies. The superhero movie is just that, a fad that has had its day, but will eventually collapse. The domino effect is about to happen, just look at what happened to the Western, and I will love every minute of it.

The Montreal Expos

I met the mayor last night and he seems to be, at least based on my conversation with him, a genuinely nice guy. We spoke about baseball mostly, when I told him I appreciated all the effort he`s putting into getting back our beloved Montreal Expos he said ``You ain`t seen nothing yet!`` which was, quite clearly, the best response.

I do believe the mayor, a major baseball fan, when he says we ain't seen nothin' yet, but we need a downtown outdoor stadium and we need investors that could bring money at the table. It's as simple as that and the way Montreal is going economically I don't know who would have enough dough to shell out for a baseball team. It would have to be a consortium of people, Montreal is as socialist a city as any in North America you don't really have any billionaires here.

I have long been a baseball fan, but some of that passion left when the Montreal Expos left town in 2004. There was the feeling of betrayal that came with their departure, Major League Baseball had done everything to ruin them and the sport was at its lowest at the time as well. Remember when there was no cap? I remember one season the Expos having paying all their players a total of 15 million dollars! Remember, that is 30 Major League ball players! Whereas the Yankees on the other side of the spectrum were nearing 300 million. The sport has changed and now these "poor franchises" can actually afford to have a baseball time dur to a new system where, I believe, but don't quote me, the more rich teams share some of their money to the poorer teams. Baseball would survive in Montreal now.

I have great memories of my time at ball games. I used to go practically every Sunday to the ballpark with my family, tickets were super chap as well, bleacher seats were just five bucks and this is the late 90's! Vladimir Guerrero was and still is the most exciting athlete I have ever seen at a live sporting event. The guy deserves Hall of Fame recognition and I hope he gets it one day. In the era of steroids he was one of the best and cleanest players. I doubt he took it. He was too skinny and too naturally talented to be taking it. His swing reminded me of a golfer's. He was really unique and I'm glad the Expos traded him to the Angels because they took good care of him over there in California, where he won a World Series! I'd think if he ever makes it to the Hall Of Fame it would be as an Angel, but his heart will ways be in Montreal.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

There is no funnier show on TV than Broad City

It's Wednesday, which means another 20 minute episode with these two Bed, Bath and Beyond-obsessed, neurotic Jewish gals. If you haven't yet seen Broad City, I wholly recommend it. It's one of those shows that either you get or you don't, but you nevertheless should give it a try. For all its hipster-dominated wisdom, it's a more accurate portrayal of Gen Z cultural underpinnings than HBO's much overhyped Girls. It's like that other great movie about millennials, The Social Network, that is if Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin were girls, dropped out of college, turned hipster, moved to a New York hood, smoked a LOT of pot and had no tact.

A love-letter to Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans

I get asked a lot about what my favorite movie is. The truth being that there is no clear answer. I've never really sat down and pondered what should or shouldn't make up the list. I guess The Godfather Parts I and II would surely be up there, so would Hitchcock's Vertigo, Renoir's Les R├Ęgles du Jeu. But the one that always pops into my head whenever the question gets asked is also not the most common answer: "Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans" is a 1927 silent picture by F.W. Murnau, I've seen it only twice in my life, but its had such an impact that I can remember almost every frame. Its images are as haunting as the night sky. Murnau delves into the darkest path of the human soul to create a movie that scares us because of how vulnerable it makes us feel as human beings. The real champion of the picture is Cinematographer Karl Struss, who manages to create shots that are so technically rich, I just can't ever see anyone else replicating all the thought process and effort that went into devising them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Woody Allen's Cafe Society opening Cannes

Today it was announced that Woody Allen's Cafe Society will be opening the Cannes Film Festival, which I will be attending this May. The French love Woody, and by the time he shows up to the Croisette for the premiere you will be hearing a lot people screaming "voody vee loves you". I love the guy, especially his older classics such as Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Hannah and Her Sisters, but it doesn't mean new Woody is terrible. In the last 10 years he's released Match Point, Midnight In Paris, Vicki Cristina Barcelona and Blue Jasmine. Most directors dream of releasing just one of these during the span of an entire career. Of course he's doing this by releasing a movie a year, but why the hell would you complain? When h passes away we'll regret we ever took this great American auteur for granted.

2008 was the last time a Supherhero movie had shades of greatness

I think I've reached a point where I just can't deal anymore with superhero movies. It just seems like now we've reached a point where one gets released every month. Problem is the quality keeps diminishing and these movies feel more and more like sewn-together marketing products than actual artistic visions. Gone are the days of The Dark Knight. This is, of course, all about money and as long as people keep showing up there will be money to be made. Case in point: Batman VS Superman, which was, to me at least, the equivalence of having to sit in class and have the teacher scratching her fingernails on the chalkboard for two and a half hours.

It also looks like these kind of eruptions are becoming more and more pronounced throughout the web, but don't count on the box-office receipts to be any lower, This is very much a genre that is pushed forward by 13-16 year-old boys, and fact of the matter is they are the ones that buy the most movie tickets in the country, I think I finally had enough around 8 years ago , post Dark Knight/Iron Man being released in 2008 (coincidentally those are widely known as the two best comic-book movies, I'd probably eve add Spider-Man 2 to make it a trifecta of greatness) Anyway, those were the days and the last superhero movies before the "machine" evolved into a mass-marketed billion dollar industry of mold.

Superhero Milestones usually stop at 2008:
2003 X2:X-Men United
2004: Spider-Man 2
2005: Batman Begins
2008: The Dark Knight & Iron Man

Monday, March 28, 2016

Far From Heaven: Best Photographed movie of the last 20 years

Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven is quite possibly the most beautifully photographed movie in modern-day American cinema. Much of the credit must go Director of Photography Ed Lachmann, who decided to use a German Expressionist method to convey emotions. He purposely had the colors in the background of the frame, such as the flowers in this particular scene, match up with the characters' emotions and clothes. Of course when I say "modern-age" that to me is anything post-90's.

Carly Rae Jepsen is a legit great pop artist - more people need to listen to E•MO•TION

So we all know her as the "Call Me Maybe" gal, but much to my surprise Carly Rae Jepsen is a legit, straight up, great artist. Her last album E•MO•TION is indisputably great and seems to have taken up a lot of influences along the way. There's that synth driven, dancing beat that distinguished a lot of Madonna's great hits in the 80's, but it also has a modern-day production, which really lends itself well to the whole kebab. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is you should listen to it. In all honesty this whole album is actually very well-done, catchy pop music.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Paramount holding off on Scorsese's Silence and not showing it at Cannes would be huge mistake

Now that Variety has officially reported what we did not want to hear all along, that Scorsese's Silence chances to bow at Cannes are slim, I have to ask the inevitable question, why? The picture seems to be done, minus a couple of editing tweaks I've been hearing about, but Paramount deciding to not show it at Cannes would be a, not trying to imitate Trump, HUGE mistake.If you have confidence in your film and you know it is worthy, why would you not show it at Cannes? Scorsese gets great reviews in France no matter which film he makes, they love him there because he represents the best of American auteur cinema - Is the movie that divisive that they need to keep it away until the prestige season? Are they that concerned about negative buzz affecting the film's Oscar Chances? I really don't know ... Maybe Scorsese is just being Scorsese and relentlessly editing the picture until the very last minute with Thelma Schoonmaker ... I was actually planning on attending Cannes this year and in the back of my head I would have really liked to have had a Scorsese in competition, the first time since 1986 and After Hours!

The good news, however, is that we might finally get to see Terrence Malick's Voyage Of Time.  You can find the full article HERE

Brussels thoughts: A New World Order

You know, sometimes Donald Trump isn't totally out of his mind. Yeah, I know, that's a terrible way to start a writeup, but it's true. I'm specifically referring to his militant stance on radical Islam. It's actually a bigger problem than many liberal progressives would have you believe and, by the way, I'm a huge Pro-Bernie fanatic! What we are seeing here is a religion that is singlehandedly creating a "New World Order", Radical Islam is poisonous enough to start complete chaos and want "they" truly want, the terrorist, is a New World Order, a caliphate and until we truly come to grips and admit that to be the case we will never win this war. I'm not saying we should carpet-bomb them, not quite the contrary, because really, the "them" here is a quite complicate term and one that we need to reassess as well. There are billions of Muslims in the world, and if this Politico Article is any indication, 20 percent of them want a caliphate, that's millions upon millions of people! A part of the religion has been toxicized by many and until we admit that we are deep trouble.

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