Friday, April 9, 2010

The Green Zone

I don't mean to say I dislike director Paul Greengrass but I think he might have to film his movies in different circumstances and form. I was annoyed by the last Bourne movie with its frenetic handheld camera and preposterous pacing & this Green Zone is very similar, except it takes place in Iraq. If anybody has seen United 93 they know how good this man can be when tension and feeling come hand in hand with a good screenplay. This latest one does not have a good one, which is why I recommend a pass on it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Roman Polanski & his 'Ghost Writer'

Polanski's new movie is all about mood. A tense, dreary mood & it resonates because of the way Polanski tries to hold your attention til the film's very last frame- which albeit i was not too impressed by. Let's not go all gaga and say this is as good as his triple peaks in cinema(Chinatown/Rosemary's Baby/The Pianist) but there's a very similar feel that he brings to The Ghost Writer as he brought to the great movies listed above. Polanski is all about the tension of building and creating an atmosphere filled with the dread and darkness his characters feel.

This is not a movie for someone looking for an entertaining blockbuster. It's a different, intricate kind of movie- one where its structure and feel are very much part of the plot. In essence nothing happens but everything happens in Polanski's delicate intricacies. There may be burning problems that slowly evolve near the film's climax but Polanski -just like recent Scorsese- is very much in Hitchockian territory here and pulls the viewer in frame by frame (& check out that incredible chase scene halfway through involving car and -yes- ferry.

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