Thursday, October 22, 2009

Want something scary for Halloween?

Trick R Treat is THE movie this Halloween season. Forget about the 256th Saw movie and catch this movie asap. Just don't go looking for it in theatres- especially since the movie was moved from its original theatrical release to a straight to DVD route. why? I'm without answer, so are fan boys online -whom have been drooling and praising over this movie the past week. The movie's distributor -Warner Brothers- will likely suffer from having pulled this highly entertaining movie from theatres but will likely get muchos benefits from a sparse dvd release. Make no mistake about it- Trick R Treat is camp but it's a campy blast, filled with one liners that will likely be uttered in halloween's to come.

I won't give away the juicy details -4 interlocked horror stories-but I will mention there's something highly amusing in watching a deranged, hobo looking Brian Cox fighting a Halloween demon called Sam or watching a virginized Anna Paquin reveal a part of herself she's always been ashamed of or -better yet- Dylan Baker as a highly sadistic dad that is out for blood on Halloween night. Baker & Cox gives the best performances in a movie filled with humor and shock-the fact that these 2 talented actors are in it is reason enough to watch this movie. I can see myself watching these tales every Halloween and so will the viewer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'The Searchers' Revisited

Watching a newly restored Blu Ray of John Ford's The Searchers in theaters the other night convinced me it was the best movie of 2009- too bad it was released 56 years ago & features a mostly passed on cast. Its images stay in yourhead, especially that of an isolated Wayne getting a door shut on him as his silhouette lingers in the background. The image of isolation and unresolved rejection is painstakingly restored in what is a masterful movie of colour & sound.

What struck me most about Ford's movie is the hints of rprejudice that flow around and of Wayne's Ethan- a man that cannot stand the Comanche- being forced to suck it up and, in a way, repent. Ford uses Ethan as the anti hero all the way and does not give him the redemption he deserves in the movie's climax. Others would like to disagree with me but it is clear throughout that -although he is glorified at times- Ethan is a flawed man with flawed ambitions. He wants to save his captured niece from the Indians but he also wants to kill her because her mind has been warped by the Comanche and she is a lost cause. His fellow searcher -Martin- does everything to prevent this from happening.

Although this is a great movie- the one complaint people always have about it is the comic relief that happens every once in a while. There a 2 dim witted fools -including a rocking char addict- that pass by throughout and make their presence felt. I was not bothered by it- although the subplot about Martin marrying a Comanche was overblown and highly unnecessary. Even with these flaws, Ford's colours and textures resonate throughout and make for a wildly diverse ride.

Whenever I gather around a list of My favourite movies- The Searchers always comes about & always resonates near the top. It is an epic that Time Magazine once called 'the most influential American movie'. I don't know if it is but what I do know is that watching it again the other night I was reminded of what a movie should be like and what a feeling it is to see something truly great and awe inspiring up on the screen. A feeling that's been missing for quite some time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

An Image 10/19/09

'Here's lookin' right at ya' (The Great Train Robbery)
When movies actually got people in panic terror, circa 1903
The good old days he? When a man shooting at a screen could cause havoc and cahos in a movie theatre- when film was just beginning and you could truly feel the shot coming right at ya. How the times have changed & for good reason.

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