Saturday, August 8, 2009


Those right wing bullies are at it again. I must say it's a creative stab -taking a cue from The Joker- but they should really just give it a rest. whomever's responsible for this clearly has too much time in their hands. Matt Drudge ended up posting it on his site a few days ago- why am I not surprised? The length some people would go to try and justify their beliefs is hilarious and very scary. On a side note, this proves the relevance and influence The Dark Knight -especially Ledger's Joker- has had on our culture in general.

Friday, August 7, 2009

John Hughes 1950-2009

I'm not a John Hughes Fan, I respect what he did but his films always struck me as too conventional. Call me a snob but that's how I've always felt about him. There's no denying the impact he's had with teenagers and the way that target audience drooled at his altar of brat pack characters-they still do to this day (even well into their 40's). So as people Mourn a man that surely had a timely sense of humor and a good heart- I can't help but feel like I just didn't get the man and his art. Roger Ebert proclaimed him as the inventor of the 'Modern American Teenager Film' and no matter how unoriginal I believe his movies to be, there is some truth to that statement. One thing I can't deny is the heart he put into everything he did- there was always a sense of genuine naivety to his characters and the words he wrote always meant well. His later work in the 90's and this decade was frustrating and non existant- he took in the pseudonyn of Edmond Dantes- he was eccentric and strange but which artist isn't. His presence in the industry will no doubt be missed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Talkin' about Marilyn..

I saw her again in Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot- which features a slew of one liners and one of the best movie endings I've ever seen.

This was the first film in the Hollywood Era to actually have some sort of connection -albeit a minimal one- to homosexuality and drag. It was the beginning of a movement we now call Queer Cinema, kickstarted in the 90's. In fact, Billy Wilder had quite a few hidden references to Homosexuality in his later films, including The Lost Weekend. I can also think of Dog Day Afternoon-released 16 years later- in which Al Pacino takes a bank hostage to get money for his lover's sex change operation or how about one year earlier when The Rock Horror Picture Show came out and made drag an openly public/mainstream affair. This all happened way before Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger went brokeback on us.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Image 08/05/09 & Marilyn Monroe Syndrome

Cathering Deneuve in Belle De Jour & a picture that defined the 60's french sex symbol. She is still making movies 40 some odd years later- watch Von Trier's Dancer In The Dark and the more recent 8 Femmes. She sadly suffered the same fate as Marilyn Monore did- remembered more for her looks than her actual acting abilities. Monroe did a few good movies such as Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch but she didn't have much acting to do in those films she was just being Marilyn- the giggly airhead type. Denueve is the opposite, she DID extend her acting abilities but her looks overshadowed everything she did and what we are left with is this incredible image from Luis Bunuel's film.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

'Funny People'

I'm a big fan of Judd Apatow's comedy -Knocked Up & The 40 Year Old Virgin- mostly because there's always a feeling that it's not just comedy but also human emotions at play. Although Steve Carrell was a loony joke as the 'virgin' he had a carefully written role that demanded more than just jokes and in Knocked Up, Kathryn Heigel asked- No, make that demanded- Seth Rogen to lose his schlub lifestyle for a more serious life as a parent. Funny People is the weakest movie of Apatow's short career, it's also his most personal, ambitious and heartfelt one. It is by no means a total failure, there are scenes of great comedy and effortless abandon. What makes it a disappointment is the fact that you were allowed to expect more from a writer/director who's style everyone is trying to copy these days. The film is too long and should have been much shorter, it also doesn't have much of a flow and -contrary to his past 2 movies- it doesn't mix the drama and comedy as well. Sandler plays -well- Sandler and Rogen plays the same role he always plays- The schlub (God, I love that word). Some comparisons have been made to describe the film as Woody Allen-esque but I wouldn't go that far- Because this is Apatow's most 'Auteuristic' and personal film (loosely based on his days as Sandler's roomate during their comedy club days) I'd actually venture towards a more Truffault-esque play of words and say it reminded me of the French Auteur's later venture into Dramedy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Serious Man (Trailer) -In Glorious HD

I'm a self professed 'Coenhead'. As far as I'm concerned they haven't made a single boring movie in their 25 year movie career. They might have made a few duds (Burn Afer Reading & Intolerable Cruelty) but those duds were never dull. This new film looks interesting and something tells me he's not gonna be alright.

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