Friday, July 10, 2009

Comments are FINALLY up and running


Supposedly this new picture of Obama is causing quite a stir.
I don't get it. Is he not allowed to look? This is what happens when a thoughtful, litterate Democrat comes to office. Republicans try to find every single possible way to lower his image and make him vulnerable for the next 4 years. If the picture above would be considered highly profane, then what would the picture below be considered-

Exhibit B?

Exhibit C?

And so on and so on..

Food Inc.

A new documentary by Robert Kenner is making waves in the cities its being screened at. I'm not sure why. Firstly, its topic is an important but highly overused subject- the decline and horrid consummation of processed food & the importance of Organic/Raw. Yes, I do know what we're eating is bad, yes I do know that Natural is the way to go,- although way overpriced-yes I do know about the way Cattle is treated and the many diseases that come along with it, yes I do know about fast food chains etc. I could go on and on- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure all these things out and although these are important stories for non believers, I felt like I was being preached upon by a raw obsessed cult. At least what Morgan Spurlock did with Super Size Me 5 years ago was highly entertaining and memorable- while incoporating the neceassary educational stuff. They should have renamed this doc- 'Organic Food 101 for dummies'. I decided to get a double cheeseburger right after the movie was done, weirdly enough the same thing happened after watching Super Size Me.


'I don't regret a thing I've done. I only regret the things I didn't do'
Ingmar Bergman

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Late night thought

I'm somewhat taken aback at the lack of coverage from Iran during the past few weeks on television. A revolution is happening yet all we're hearing about is Michael Jackson. It doesn't mean I wasn't a fan of the guy- I was even suckered into buying a memorial shirt off the street- but what's happening in Iran is enormous. A country known for dictatorship and the denial of free democracy through censorship, is waking up. Its citizens are rebelling and there is an undeniable sense of rebellious courage running through the people's veins. Youtube has helped enormously in transmitting the message and so has Facebook with its numerous groups and posted videos. We are not only seeing a revolution happening in Iran but this is also a landmark time for the way news is being served to its audience. People are no longer reading newspapers, people are no longer watching CNN or Fox News- instead people are looking for more truthful and personal accounts through internet blogging and video posting. No one even knew what was going in Iraq during the invasion in 2003, 6 years later and we know a little more. People are blaming the economy for ruining newspapers worldwide but maybe the picture is greater than we think. Soldiers posting personal video journals on Youtube and internet bloggers giving various opinions have opened up the internet to a whole new breed of journalists- the citizen.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Indie support (Moon & Girlfriend Experience)

If the summer movie season is a mix of hell fire and flatulence for film buffs, there are always a few small independent movies that come out of nowhere and remind you that intelligence and originality still exists in a land of mediocrity. Sometimes it's better not to know anything about a film and just go watch it. Directed By newcomer Duncan Jones- David Bowie's son- and starring a never better Sam Rockwell, Moon is exactly that. A film made for a chump sum of money -5 million dollars- and a film creating more energy and excitement than any scene involving Megan Fox in Transformers 2. The plot is simple yet there is layer after layer of intrigue in here. An Astronaut is nearly done his 3 year stint at the moon and about to leave in just a few days- then things start to get weird and he meets a man that is his exact twin. I need not say more, just go watch it. It's the kind of film that will get more and more popular as word of mouth spreads around cities screening it- Don't pay attention to the trailers or IMDB, just don't find out a thing.

I'm not a porn connoisseur but supposedly Sasha Grey is very big in the business, in fact she's huge. So much so that Steven Soderbergh (Traffic & Erin Brokovich) hired her for his new film, The Girlfriend Experience. It's definitely something different but its originality is pure Soderbergh. There is no typical narrative, the story is basically told in 5 different times but it blends well and kept me interested. Grey surprised me, she's rarely naked and when she does have sex on screen, it is not graphic- in other words this is not a movie for her fans. It's sophisticated and very pronounced. Basically what Moon and The Girlfriend Experience offer is something mature and something very different- an alternative of sorts to the firecracker fest populated in these dog days of summer. They offer up hard questions and stylish cinematography that lures you into their intriguing and fascinating webs. These films leap into the wild blue and dare you to leap with them. Go for it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Random thoughts

It's a question that can probably never get answered. What's the greatest film of all time? Is there such a thing? I clearly don't believe in it, there is no such thing as universal acclaim. If there ever was, I wouldn't be writing about film and we'd all be robotic figures. But seriously, why get into a debate about what's THE best, when you know there will never be a unanimous consensus. Not just in film but in any artistic concept, universality does not exist. I can be a pompous ass and claim that Vittorio De Sica's The Bicycle Thief is the most flawless work of cinema I've ever seen -it is- or that The Godfather Part 2 is as good a hollywood movie as I've ever seen -it is- but numerous opinions -and polls for that matter- will disagree with me. As I've said before; Art is not meant to be rated, it is meant to be seen as a creative expression- now why in the hell would I want to rate that?

'Blame it on the lies that killed us'

I guess you can say I'm infatuated by Bruce Springsteen- I see him at least 3 times every tour and I personally consider his discography as the third best one in Rock and Roll, behind The Beatles and Dylan. Those who claim he is no longer relevant have no idea what they are missing. He still pulls out 3 hour shows -with no break- and plays a heavy batch of new songs from the past 10 years of music. His latest appearances at Bonnaroo and Glastonbury have only heightened his relevance and kick started a wave of younger new bands that cite him as an immense influence (The Killers, Hold Steady, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Gaslight Anthem, The National). Consider this- during his hot streak this decade, he has released 3 great records and sold out countless stadiums worldwide. His older records have aged admirably well and are only gaining more and more listeners. Where to start ? Buy -or download- Born To Run and Nebraska, two admirable and highly different records that hold the spirit of what makes him so great.

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