Saturday, June 13, 2009

Untitled Michael Moore Doc

Oh boy. He's at it again. No matter how annoying or redundant he may be, he always seems to entertain and pick a relevant cause. This time it's banks and their shameful actions towards the economy. I've never been a big fan of his, I thought Sicko was overwrought and Fahrenheit 9/11 wasn't as good as it could have been but Bowling For Columbine is still an astounding document of bush wacked America. No footage is shown on the link below just a small preview/intro from the man himself.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Few thoughts

It's called Coraline and it's Henry Selick's new animated film and -although I'm somewhat late to review it- I want to give my thoughts about the screening I attended a few weeks ago. Selick did the remarkable Nightmare Before Christmas 16 years ago and I highly doubt this one will join the ranks of that kids classic. It's nevertheless very unique and contains some frightening images that will give kiddies nightmares. The imagination here is wild and Selick brings to life images you've likely never seen before- I'm already kicking myself for having not seen this in 3D. Here's my problem with the film, the images are one thing but the storyline is another. If what you are seeing is highly original, the storyline is fairly basic and -might I add- a bit dull. There really isn't anything hypnotic or interesting to recommend here, except for the visuals. Smoke a nice little somethin, somethin, lower the volume to mute and watch the incredible images on screen.

Director Tony Gilroy made a great feature directing debut a few years back with Michael Clayton. He follows that one up with Duplicity, a film with too many twists and turns for it's own good. This is still exciting stuff, with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts playing a 'spy vs. spy' type of game all in the while being buttfuck inlove- how romantic? Highly recommended stuff, that is till the final twist comes along and you feel as though Gilroy is being too good for his own good. The movie should have ended 10 minutes earlier yet there you are watching Gilroy lay down yet another -insufficient- twist. Roberts is actually surprisingly appealing and -yes- very sexy, whereas Clive Owen is always good in anything he does. But you still get a sense of deja vu watching the film- didn't George Clooney and Jenniffer Lopez do the exact same movie at a much higher level with 'Out Of Sight' ? If you should hit the mute button with Coraline, you should leave 5 minutes before Duplicity ends.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Shutter Island' revealed

The director of such classics as Raging Bull, The Departed, Gangs Of New York, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Goodfellas, After Hours, Casino, Bringing Out The Dead.. well you get the point. Martin Scorsese's new film.

Looks good and I'm sure the trailer doesn't even do the movie justice. From what I've been hearing, the book- by Dennis Lehane- is very moody and atmospheric. Although -from the looks of the trailer- Scorsese is clearly in B movie territory with this one, along the lines of 1991's Cape Fear. Who knows what'll happen, but consider me intrigued. Shutter Island comes out October 2nd.

'Gentleman, you can't fight here ! This is the war room !'

Well it was bound to happen, a decently restored Blu-ray of Stanley Kubrick's classic 1962 apocalyptic dramedy Dr Strangelove- coming out next week. I haven't yet gotten into this whole Blu-ray phenomenon but I'm hearing sweet things and seeing even sweeter images. Anyways, the film is full of zingers, one liners and the best Peter Sellers performance imaginable. Is it Kubrick's best film ? not even close, that honor goes to the immensly flawed 2001: A Space Odyssey. I guess that's the thing with all of his films - there's mad ambition but I highly doubt he's ever made a perfect one. Alright, before you shoot me or send me angry emails, I never mean this otherwise more than a compliment. If it weren't for his mad vision and even madder ambitions there wouldn't be as much greatness in American cinema. Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, the first half of Full Metal Jacket, The Shining etc. all great films and all madly flawed but irresistably copied over the last 30 years of cinema. Dr. Strangelove is an odd film, full of relentlessly clever dialogue and maddening characters but its goal is simple, to portray the world's governments as complete idiots, that have no bloody idea what they are doing or the evil they are capable of- sounds as relevant as ever.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On a drizzly Tuesday morning..

I'm wondering when exactly is summer coming this year?! Instead of having my usual outside run, I will have to yet again stick to treadmill and weights at the local gym. the horror, the horror ! Maybe Al Gore was right and the world is coming to an end lol

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My trouble with 'Gomorra'

Judging by that thread title, I guess you come to realize I came out of a recent screening of this Italian movie feeling somewhat empty and unimpressed. It's not that it's badly made -it isn't- it's the fact that director Matteo Garrone has too much to handle for his own likelihood. He has 5 stories to focus his energy and time on and he doesn't do all of them justice- there are some interesting ones, like the 'scarface' loving teenagers that try to play the mob with their own rules, but even there and then the story gets muddled and reduced to a half baked delivery. My beef with the movie isn't all bad, I do realize that I went into this Italian movie with high expectations and came out completely dissapointed but Garrone does show promise for the future and there are some flashes of brilliance but what brings it down is its own ambitions. It tries to reach the same heights past films such as Traffic, Magnolia and Goodfellas attained by trying to become a mosaic for the crime scene. that is almost an impossible task to achieve since those films have been copied and tried numerous times over the past decade. Critics have been pissing their pants off over this film, I don't really see why.

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